East Kettering

About Alledge Brook



Alledge Brook is a joint venture between Bee Bee Developments and Buccleuch Property working with other landowners covering the East Kettering area to ensure that the development is properly planned from the outset.

Bee Bee Developments is a major developer in London and North Northamptonshire, having recently started work on the Priors Hall urban extension at Corby, which will create over 5,000 homes and 3,000 new jobs and include the Corby Academy. They are also promoting major developments to the north of Wellingborough and around Wellingborough station.

Buccleuch Property is part of the Buccleuch Group, owners for over 400 years of the 4,000 hectare Boughton Estate at Kettering. Buccleuch Property are Landowner Developers and so bring the long term view to the sustainable development at East Kettering, having full regard for Kettering and the surrounding County of Northamptonshire.

Alledge Brook is being advised by a professional team as follows:


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