East Kettering

The Proposals


Our Vision for East Kettering

Changes to the Application

- New Neighbourhoods

- A Lively Community

- More Jobs

- Better Transport

- Green by Design

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Next Steps

Kettering Council is now consulting on our amendments and are likely to determine the application in the Autumn. We welcome your comments on the proposals.

The overall project is expected to take twelve years. The initial work phase includes:

  • Providing links from Barton Road and Cranford Road, and links to Deeble Road, and in future phases the new Junction 10a, and the Warkton and Weekley Avenue's;
  • First phase of Central Park and recreational grounds;
  • Initial phases of housing towards the west and south of the site;
  • First primary school; and
  • Secondary school.



Phase 1 of the Development

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Links to Technical Phasing PDFs

Phasing Plan - Phase 1.pdf

Phasing Plan - Phase 2.pdf

Phasing Plan - Phase 3.pdf