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parklandGreen by Design

A third of the site (over 100 hectares) will be provided as formal and informal parkland and open space. This will be enjoyed by the residents in the new community as well as residents from other parts of the town.

A Green Infrastructure Strategy has been prepared in consultation with local and statutory environmental groups. This includes:

  • A range of formal urban parks within the development and an informal Country Park blending sensitively into the surrounding countryside.
  • A series of green corridors running alongside existing watercourses and along lines of retained woodland and hedgerows.
  • Carefully managed nature conservation areas to protect and enhance the habitats of existing and protected species. These will include open standing water, hedgerows, grassland and woodland.
  • Recreation and play areas – including playing fields and a comprehensive network of play areas for children, catering for different age groups.
  • The setting up of allotments and community orchards.

The parks will be well managed and the informal nature areas will be managed by a not-for-profit local trust working alongside groups such as the Northants Wildlife Trust, the River Nene Regional Park and others who know the area well.

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