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Better Transport

A project of this scale can generate funding to help put in place the infrastructure that is needed to support housing development, in a way that smaller schemes are unable to do.

As part of the proposals, a new road is planned to link the A43 to the proposals and bypass Warkton and Weekley, thereby stopping rat-running through these villages.

We are also in discussions with the Highways Agency about their wider improvements to the A14. This will include a new junction 10a which will form a new eastern access to the town. To ensure the development is seamlessly integrated into the town, a series of road connections are proposed into Kettering.

The Warkton and Weekley Avenue and Junction 10a are important strategic links for the development, and traffic studies now show that the eastern bypass for the town isn’t needed to serve this development and traffic can be directed through the development rather than around it.

The development has been specifically designed to encourage walking and cycling. All homes will be within walking distance of the new district and local centres. Safe, high quality, wide footways and cycle parks will be provided throughout the development, and existing bridleways crossing the site will be retained.

The development will be served by excellent public transport with frequent bus services serving the areas where people will live.