East Kettering

The Proposals


Our Vision for East Kettering

Changes to the Application

- New Neighbourhoods

- A Lively Community >

- More Jobs

- Better Transport

- Green by Design

Next Steps


A Lively Community

The development is large enough to sustain good community facilities for the new residents as well as improving the provision for others living in the town.

The development will include a new secondary school. The Northamptonshire County Council threshold for a new secondary school is 5,100 new homes. We plan to work with the existing schools in the town to build a community-based school committed to educational excellence.

Four primary schools will be provided, each with two-form entry. These will be spread across the development close to the local centres and will be well served by the improved transport links. The schools will be built early in each phase of construction to be ready when new residents arrive.

A health centre is proposed to be provided as part of the District Centre working together with the Local Health Authority. We are also exploring whether private healthcare services can be attracted to the new development, bringing specialist health investment, jobs and services to the area – we have therefore set aside a site for a health clinic.

And new community facilities such as a theatre, sports hall or swimming pool are being investigated and might form part of the proposed secondary school.


New Schools