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New Neighbourhoods

The development will provide 5,500 new homes by 2021. A wide range of housing types will be created including detached, semi-detached, townhouses, terraces, mews, apartments and bungalows.

The new development will contain a series of neighbourhoods, set within an extensive network of new parkland.

Three local centres will provide a mix of shops and community facilities and will be surrounded by homes arranged in traditional street patterns.

At the heart of the development will be a new district centre with a mix of shops, restaurants, community facilities, offices and health facilities.

The design will draw on the characteristics of the best architecture in Kettering, but also add a new and contemporary style to living in Kettering. The height of the development will be generally two storeys, but will rise to three and four storeys in the district centre, the secondary school and possibly the employment sites.

A Design Code will be agreed with the Council to ensure that these design principles and standards are upheld throughout the construction.

New housing will be developed to the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes standard and provision will be made for renewable energy to serve the development.

Quality Homes