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Our Vision for East Kettering

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Next Steps


More Jobs

Two major new business centres are proposed as part of the development. The Business Village will be built to the south of the new district centre and have good accessibility to the A14 and A6.

A second Gateway business site will be located close to a new junction from the A14. This will be a major new high profile site for the town providing a gateway to the town from the dynamic, growing Cambridge area with considerable potential for further growth.

Both will be aimed at attracting high quality and high tech business occupiers in contemporary buildings arranged within an attractive landscaped parkland setting.

Further jobs will be created in the offices and community facilities located in the district and local centres and in a new 200-bed hotel, which will be located close to the Gateway business site.

In total, an estimate of at least 3,600 jobs will be created in the new development.